About the Gyroboard

Keyword: proprioception!

The Gyroboard is an all-in-one sports board training tool for use in the sporting, fitness and rehabilitation market, by people of all ages and abilities. It combines the best features of balance, wobble and rocker boards.

The unique Gyroboard braking mechanism allows the rotation and tortion of the board to be slowed down, or securely locked into one position for safe exercising. The mechanism also has adjustable rubber mounts, allowing the deck to be set at different degrees. This means the user can control the speed and stability of the equipment.

Gyroboard Features

The Deck

The deck can spin a full 360 degrees if you choose, or can be locked securely into one position. It can tilt and rock at varying angles (as controlled by the user), and of course, it wobbles!

The Flat Deck has a large surface area and is recommended for injury rehabilitation or serious core training. This is because it can be used more actively for practising the jumps and landing techniques required in most sports.

The deck is very strong and has been tested to withstand the rigours of day to day use in a gym or physiotherapy clinic environment. The deck is made out of a very grade of 12~14mm Maple ply.

Gyroboard Diagram

The Unique Adjustable Braking Mechanism

The speed of the deck’s rotation is controlled by the unique Gyroboard braking mechanism. This incorporates an easy to use braking system which is adjusted prior to the user getting on the deck. Ideal for Core training.

Adjustable Tilt Stops

There are two adjustable tilt stops which provide different degrees of angle for the deck. This means as the skill level or injury improves; the height of the stops can be adjusted, providing a new challenge for the user and more options for trainers and physiotherapists.

Secure Locking Pin

The locking pin can be engaged, which stops the board spinning. This makes for safe injury rehabilitation, or allows a beginner to build their confidence before progressing to the next level.

There is also an additional feature, where the locking pin can be locked into a small channel, allowing for limited rotation of the board. Ideal for Gym use.

Detachable Legs

Detachable Legs Detachable Legs

The four legs are fully detachable. This allows the Gyroboard to be packed safely out of the way when not in use, or for training sessions to be held almost anywhere there’s a flat surface! Ideal for sideline pre-game warm ups.

Because the legs have simple push button fittings, the unit can be set up under less than a minute.

With the whole unit only weighing 9.5 kg, this makes it fully portable, and therefore even more versatile for physical therapy and sports training.

The versatility of the Gyroboard means that exercises can be tailored for each individual user and is ideal for a complete exercise session. Once they are shown how to use the equipment, they can confidently use it without supervision, freeing up trainers, physiotherapists and coaches.

The Gyroboard with its flat deck is safer for ankle strengthening exercises, due to the fact that you cannot roll your ankles as often happens on many other balance training tools on the market which rely on their round surfaces to cause instability.

With its secure locking pin, the Gyroboard offers a fun and safe way to achieve this and challenge and improve the user’s sense of balance, and quickly gets them into being active.

Why do you need good balance?

Why do you need good balance?

Balance is an essential element of life, not to mention a critical component to all sports and fitness training programmes. The Gyroboard challenges the proprioceptive system and strengthens the neural links within the body. It helps improve quality of life and reduce injury risk, both in sport and through every day activities. This is because when you’re on an unstable surface like the Gyroboard, the parts of the body and brain that are responsible for developing your sense of balance are stimulated and improved.

The versatility of the Gyroboard also aids in core strengthening, co-ordination and agility, as well as improving balance, confidence and assisting with weight loss and muscle toning. Using an all-in-one training tool like the Gyroboard will challenge and strengthen every muscle in your body, unlike other popular gym or exercise equipment.

For who?

Physiotherapists, sports, team sports, private training, reeducation.

Best of all, it packs away into the Gyroboard sports bag supplied.

Warning: Gyroboard is so much fun you won‘t need to pack it away at all.