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  • Pro Classic

    Le tout en un Pro Classic est idéal pour la réhabilitation et la prévention de blessures.

  • Xtrem

    The Xtrem is intended for jump training in snowboard, kite, skate, and for fun too.
    Fixed, 180° or rotate 360°.
    Shipped with its bag for easy carrying.

  • Pro Performance

    Très apprécié par les sportifs de haut niveau, préparation tout le long de l’année.

About the Gyroboard

The Gyroboard is an all-in-one sports board training tool for use in the sporting, fitness and rehabilitation market. It combines the best features of balance, wobble and rocker boards.

The unique Gyroboard braking mechanism allows the rotation and tortion of the board to be slowed down, or securely locked into one position for safe exercising. The mechanism also has adjustable rubber mounts, allowing the deck to be set at different degrees. This means the user can control the speed and stability of the equipment.

From rehabilitation to performance sports training, the versatility of this balance trainer makes it the perfect tool for all abilities.

The Deck

The deck can spin a full 360 degrees if you choose, or can be locked securely into one position. It can tilt and rock at varying angles (as controlled by the user), and of course, it wobbles!

The Flat Deck has a large surface area and is recommended for injury rehabilitation or serious core training. This is because it can be used more actively for practising the jumps and landing techniques required in most sports. The deck is very strong and has been tested to withstand the rigours of day to day use in a gym or physiotherapy clinic environment.

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